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User Registration Agreement

This Agreement is between you and FT mobile terminal (referred to as "site", the official web site: contract between the owner (hereinafter referred to as "FT") on FT mobile terminal services and other related matters entered into Please carefully read the registration agreement, you click "agree and continue" button, the parties to this agreement will constitute a binding legal document.

Article 1 site terms of service and acceptance

1.1Ownership and operation of the services site all owned by FT. All registered users agree to the terms of the agreement and complete the registration process in order to become an official user site. User Confirmation: The terms of the agreement dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties, contract remain valid unless the law or the mandatory provisions of the parties specifically agreed, in accordance with its provisions.

1.2user clicks agree to this Agreement, shall be deemed to can enjoy our measurement service and appropriate legal capacity and the ability to buy and so on, users can be independently liable.

1.3 If you are under 18 years old, you can only use the site to participate in the care of a parent or guardian, or the consequences borne by you and your own guardian.

1.4FT has this right in the area of implementation of law within the legal mainland People's Republic of China to the extent permitted, closed user accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders.

Article 2 site service

2.1FT provides users with the Internet industry, information and other services via the Internet, users fully agree that this Agreement and the provisions of this site, are entitled to use the site's services.

2.2users must prepare their own equipment and bear the following expenses as follows: (1) Internet access devices, including but not limited to computers or other Internet terminals, modems, and other necessary access devices; (2) Internet expenses, including, but not limited to network access fee, Internet equipment rental, phone traffic fees.

Article 3 the user information

3.1Users should make their own integrity and provide registration information to the site, the user agrees to provide registration information true, accurate, complete and valid, the user registration information is subject to change, it is timely to update their registration information. If the registration information provided by the user is not legitimate, is untrue, inaccurate, not exhaustive, the user must therefore assume the corresponding responsibility and consequences arising, and FT has the right to terminate the user to use FT.

3.2users browse the site, orders measurement or other shopping activities, involve the user's real name , figure data, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail and other private information, this site will be kept strictly confidential, unless the user authorized or required by law, the site will not disclose confidential information to outside users.

3.3if User registration is successful, users will have a user name and password account information, you can change your password in accordance with the provisions of this site. Users should be careful and reasonable preserve with their user name and password. If users find any illegal use of user account or the existence of security vulnerabilities, please immediately notify the site to the public security organs.

3.4User agrees FT has right to sends order information,and other promotional activities to inform by mail, SMS and telephone to registered users in the site.

3.5 site has no obligation to review the actual user registration by using human consistency. you can get the account with various services offered by the site, even if you think your account login behavior is not you, this site will not assume any liability arising. Users must sign up for this site safekeeping account, password, account shall not be registered at this site is provided to get others to use, otherwise the user will be responsible for the resulting, and jointly and severally liable with the actual people.

3.6User agrees: you choose to submit an order to purchase goods or services to the site of the sale of goods or service provider (hereinafter referred to as "vendor" or "seller"), you are deemed to consent to the disclosure of personal information related to vendors, accepted vendors to provide you with marketing, distribution, service, customer service, credit card payment processing, data analysis, marketing assistance or other necessary matters; all or part of the preceding one relates to matters performed by third-party vendors the seller shall be entitled to disclosed your information, the third party shall be entitled to carry out the above matters for the purpose of contact you.

4.4.User obligations according to the law

4.1According to People's Republic of China, "the Constitution" and other laws and regulations, you have the right to freedom of expression, but you can not be on this site production, reproduction, publication, dissemination of information containing the following elements:

(1)The basic principles of the Constitution determined opposition;

(2)jeopardize national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;

(3)harm national honor and interests;

(4)incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity;

(5)violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition;

(6)spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability;

(7)spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes;

(8)insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights of others;

(9) containing laws and administrative regulations prohibit the other content.

4.2People's Republic of China in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, you may not use in this site :

(1)illegal data transmission of information from the Chinese mainland to overseas;

(2)using this site to engage in money laundering, theft of trade secrets, personal information theft and other criminal activities;

(3)interfere with the normal operation of this site or invade the site and national computer information systems;

(4)transmit or publish harmful national public interest and national security information or statements;

(5)the use of any illegal means to obtain personal information about other users for any profit or non-profit purposes, or disclose other users or rights of personal privacy;

(6)post any content that infringes any copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights or other legal rights;

(7)containing the other content of. laws and administrative regulations prohibit .

4.3 In addition to this registration agreement, other terms or as otherwise agreed, the user shall not use this site registered accounts and business activities, profit-making behaviors, and other site without permission , including but not limited to, the following:

(1)Malicious use technology or other means to obtain promotions, discounts or other benefits for registered accounts, orders and other acts affecting other users or normal consumer behaviours related to the legitimate interests, affecting the normal sales practices site order;

(2)advertising, spam;

(3)for resale or commercial use of the site for the purpose of purchasing the goods or services (except as otherwise the FT contract);

(4)suppliers of goods or services, the supply of goods to its dealers repurchase behavior;

(5)Any product listings, descriptions, prices, quantities, other user information or other content downloaded, reproduced, collected, derivative use, copy, sell, resell or other use;

(6)the site-related rules, policies, rules or web activity restrictions, prohibited;

(7)other influences FT normal user account management order.

4.4 users should from time to time concern about published or modified rules. The site has the right to delete every illegal contents or untrue contents without asking users.

4.5If the user does not comply with the above provisions, the site has the right to make independent judgments and take to suspend or close the User's account and freeze the account balance and closed within corresponding trading orders, stopped shipments and other measures. Users shall bear legal responsibility for their own words and actions on the Internet.

Article 5 Product information

Commodity price, quantity on this site, whether the goods and other merchandise information may change at any time, this site is not particularly notice. This site will do its utmost to ensure that you are viewing the accurate product information, but due to objective reasons the well-known Internet technology and other factors , the page displays information may have a certain lag or error, please aware of this situation and understand; FT welcome you to correction, depend on case ,we will give an error correction fee for your help To facilitate the presentation of goods and services referred to as "goods" or "items"

Article 6 of the Order

6.1When you have an order, please carefully confirm the name of the purchased goods, price, quantity, type, size, size, address, phone, consignees and other information. Consignee’s intention and behaviors was treated like the users’, users will take all response of the consignee .

6.2Except as otherwise mandatory, the parties have agreed as follows: the display information on this site is only transaction information ,if you have an order that required complete number of items you want to buy, the size of orders, the price and mode of payment, the consignee, contact information, shipping address and other content; system-generated order information is automatically generated by computer information systems based on what you fill in the data, only the demands of your transaction go to the seller; the seller received and delivered your goods that could be a contract relations between you and the seller. If the seller only delivered part of your goods ,depend on these goods you have contract relation with the seller .You can log into your account anytime to check your order status.

Article 7 Information about method of transaction security

7.1To ensure transaction security method information for cardholder data security, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

7.2Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client—typically a web server (website) and a browser, or a mail server and a mail client (e.g., Outlook).

7.3SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely. Normally, data sent between browsers and web servers is sent in plain text—leaving you vulnerable to eavesdropping. If an attacker is able to intercept all data being sent between a browser and a web server, they can see and use that information.

7.4SSL secures millions of peoples’ data on the Internet every day, especially during online transactions or when transmitting confidential information. Internet users have come to associate their online security with the lock icon that comes with an SSL-secured website or green address bar that comes with an Extended Validation SSL-secured website, We used SSL on the payment page for cardholders.

Article 8 Distribution

8.1 Seller will deliver your goods by third party to your specified delivery address.

8.2 due to the following situations ,the seller does not assume responsibility for delivery delay or can’t delivery:

(1)the information provided by the user is wrong, not detailed address and other causes;

(2)no consignee after arriving, making it impossible to deliver or delayed delivery;

(3)Changed Circumstances of factors;

(4) due to force majeure, such as: natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden war.

Article 9 Taxes and Duties

9.1All applicable custom fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer.Custom authorities require that we state the value of your order directly on your package.It is at the sole discretion of custom agents to release your package.Note, in rare occasions custom agents may delay delivery of some packages.

9.2All international packages can potentially incur charges upon their arrival in the destination country and those charges are solely determined by the arrival countries customs authorities. We cannot predict the amount of duties and taxes charged when using standard shipping. The actual price charged to overseas customers will be subject to the exchange rate applied by the customer’s credit.We do not accept personal checks and direct bank transfer.Once you place an order, your account or credit balance will be deducted.

Article 10 Ownership and intellectual property clauses

10.1User accepting this agreement that indicates that the user agree at any time be published in this site in any form of content (including but not limited to, customer reviews, customer consultation, all kinds of topics with articles and other content) of the property right can be transferred , such as copyright, property rights (including, but not limited to: the right of reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition rights, performance rights, theatrical rights, broadcasting rights, network dissemination of information, the right crew, the right of adaptation, translation right, the right to assembly and other transferable rights should be enjoyed by the copyright owner), all exclusively and irrevocably assigned to the FT , users agree FT entitled to any individual subject infringement proceedings.

10.2 Agreement had constituted "People's Republic of China Copyright Law" Article 25 (numbers in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 2011 edition determining) the rights of the economic rights and other related laws and regulations of the transfer of a written agreement, their effectiveness is active to any written contents write by our users , regardless of whether such content is formed prior to the conclusion of this agreement or after the conclusion of this agreement.

10.3 Users agree and fully understand the terms of this Agreement, we undertake not to publish Information in this site in other authorized body in any way (including but not limited to various sites on the media) in any form.

10.4 FT is the creator of the site, with the legitimate rights of the content of this site and copyright and other resources, protected by state laws, have the right to modify the content of the agreement ,without noticing users . Within the maximum extent permitted by law, FT has interpretation of this Agreement.

10.5Subject to the mandatory provisions of law, without the express FT special written permission, any units or individual shall not be reproduced in any manner or part ,reproduced, references, links, crawling or otherwise this site information content, otherwise, FT has right to pursue their legal obligations.

10.6The information on the site (such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software), are the FT or its content providers property by Chinese and international copyright protection law. Compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of FT, protected by the Chinese and international copyright laws. All software used on this site are the FT or its affiliates or its software suppliers ‘property, protected by China and international copyright laws.

Article 11 Liability limit and no commitment guarantee

Expect special statement, all the information, content, materials, products (including software) and services are served based on “now”or “now we have”. Except special statement, FT doesn’t express or imply any representations or warranties to the information contained on this website including content, materials, products (including software), or service of any kind,(according to otherwise provided by law other than the People's Republic of China). FT does not warrant this site contains or otherwise provided to you through this site all the information, content, materials, products (including software) and services, its servers or e-mail sent from this site, no viruses or other harmful ingredients. As a result of force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of the site、 sales system crash or not work properly leading to online transaction can not be completed or missing relevant information, records, FT would be reasonable to try to help deal with it. User account information and password response need to keep confidential if the user failed to fulfill their responsibility for information security and confidentiality of the user's account then cause any problems, users should take full responsibility. At the same time, due to network environment there are many unpredictable factors, if the user's own terminal network reasons (including but not limited to broken network, hacker attacks, viruses, etc.) caused FT user accounts or personal information stolen by a third party, FT is not liable . Users acknowledge and agree that, FT have the right to give user information and transaction records at the site and so on asked by relevant national authorities.

Article 12 of the agreement concerns the obligation to update and users

In accordance with national laws and regulations and the Web site operators need to change, FT reserves the right to modify the terms of this Agreement from time to time, the agreement was amended once posted on the site that means effective and instead of the original agreement. Users can log on at any time to check the latest agreement; the user is obliged to read the latest version of the agreement and the announcement page from tome to time. If users do not agree to the updated, can and should immediately stop receiving services under this Agreement; if users continue to use the service provided by this website, that means users agreen with it. FT is recommended that you read this agreement before using the site and the site of the announcement. If any of this Agreement is considered annulled, void or for any reason unenforceable, the section shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity of any remaining provisions and enforceability.

Article 13 Jurisdiction and applicable of law

This agreement’s implementation and interpretation and dispute solvedby People's Republic of China valid law (excluding its conflict of law rules) . if this agreement and applicable law are in conflict, these provisions will be required by law to re-interpret, while other provisions remain valid and effective. Parties such as the implementation of this Agreement or any dispute arises, the parties shall solve through friendly consultations; if negotiation fails, any party may apply to the District Court that has jurisdiction in mainland People's Republic of China.

Article 14 Others

14.1FTowner is legally licensed or filing in government departments FT website business entities.

14.2FT shows respect to the legal rights of users and consumers, this Agreement and rules on this website, statements, etc. are all here to make better or more convenient service for users and consumers. We welcomes users and the community commentand give suggestions, FT will humbly accept and timely amend this Agreement and rules.

14.3the agreement contents which are bold or have underline, italics, and other significant terms of the way of identity, please pay attention.

14.4 if you click "Agree and Continue" button below this agreement will be deemed that you acceptthis agreement, please confirm again before clicking to make sure your fully understand the entire contents of this agreement.

14.5 Mondial d limited is under by fashion tech holdings limited.